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Me and Kizate. <3

Tonights been an intresting night. Not the best night ever. Lots of confusion. But i'm spoiled with the best friends anyone could ask for, it still amazes me. I love them to death. Gosh, i love them so much.

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A few pictures just for fun.Before and After Homecoming. <3


Me(back) and Jame's(front) on the dinoooosaur.


me nick and jam (i think were trying to look cool, but it obviousley did'nt work.)


whoa i look dumb. and by gorgeous jamie of course.


I think i was trying to make a goofy face, but smiling at the same time? I dont know whats happening there?



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Hamma time.

HEY GUYS! I'M DOING A FRIENDS CUT AND MAKE IT FRIENDS ONLY SO IF YOU WANT TO STAY MY "FRIEND" JUST COMMENT AND TELL ME, I'LL KEEP YOU. I'm so sorry, i hate when people do friends cuts, and i'm doing one, but i want to beable to comment on people's journals and it's hard with the kids that do like 594878 entrie's a day and i can't find the people's I really want to read. :) thankyou.

Just tell me if you want to stay added. <3
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Today has been a lame day.
You know those days when you feel like crap,
and you don't want to do anything,
but sit, and stare?
Yeah, im deffinatley having one of those days.
My love Jamie was'nt at school today.
That made it all the more worse.
I ate a burrito, it made me sick.
Bad Burrito.
Oh my, I have to go to the dentist tommarow.
I hate the teeth people.
I think im going to go sleep.
Good Night.
Sweet dreams.
ex to the oh.
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We played with the blury digital at jame's house today! whoo hooo. Enjoy


Me and my love jamers.                                    


Oh shoooot. Me


half my face, and jamers winking?

Hamma time

Uh oh.

Attempting to wink....more like th constipation face.

Blury me and the jam

I effin love you.

Don't be jelouse cause we gangsta

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